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A TV show on drought, fires, dust storms, and the future got me thinking. We stopped watching it part of the way through, as it was too sensational and just seemed meant to scare people.

It painted a very bleak picture of the future of the planet worldwide, and no doubt much of what was covered is possible. I hadn’t heard about the potential for plagues of locusts from Africa to cross the Mediterranean and strip bare southern Europe around 2025, but that’s the sort of thing that was presented.

My husband and I talked about the future after we gave up on the show. We thought of our god-daughter, now 4, and the other kids we know in that age group. What will they have to deal with as adults? It sure seems likely to be far more erratic than what we have had to deal with ourselves so far. We talked about how much our love of these children and all their cohorts fuels what we do now.

Kelly’s emphasis is on earthbag building and after the earthquake in Haiti, he was very busy with many emails about how this method could be used. The natural building blog that he writes with a friend has an entry on the topic. I am sure that the versatility of  earthbag construction, along with its low cost and minimal use of materials, will make it an important part of how people deal with disasters in the future as well.

My piece of the puzzle isn’t so much about natural building. I’m still trying to puzzle it out. This blog is part of it all. As we all learn to live more simply, we are learning about a kind of versatility that is valuable in itself.


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