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Gotta Lose Weight!

Gotta Lose Weight!

A couple of years ago or so, I muttered to myself, “I gotta lose weight!” So in typical writerly style, I registered that as a website domain name: gottaloseweight.com.

But I didn’t do a thing about it. Now, finally, I am losing weight and I am also working on the site. Writing is how I learn things.

This ties in with simple living and green living–and that is part of what motivated me to finally get going on a weight loss project. As I looked ahead, it seemed to me that shedding those excess pounds would be one of the best ways to keep my health at least as good as it is now, more likely better. That sure fits in with frugality and simple living!

If you want to lose weight, or have someone you love who does, do visit the new site. Here are some of the topics so far:

Is High Fructose Corn Syrup Worse Than Sugar? –The answer is yes! It’s got some effects on your metabolism that you don’t really want to endure.

How to Lose Weight Slowly and Keep It Off — Looking ahead, I’ll need this information and maybe you will too. Turns out, not really a surprise, that exercising is an important part of this.

Weight Watchers Reviews — What do people say about this popular program, both online and in local groups? It is highly rated. I don’t live near a local group or I would be interested. As for online, right now I am exploring some other websites about weight loss.

Rebounding for Weight Loss — I recently got a rebounder and it’s definitely good for health overall as well as for weight loss.

Sparkteens — A shoutout to one of the best websites for overweight or obese teens. It’s free too.

There will be a lot more articles up there soon! It’s my main project, and it’s keeping my own motivation high!



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