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We’re heading into the cold months now, and staying warm becomes at times a challenge and even  at times a preoccupation. Here are some tips for staying warmer, first in by what you wear and then by what you do around your home.

Warm Clothing

The concept of wearing layers is well-known.

On top, wearing an undershirt or camisole, then a long-sleeved t-shirt or turtleneck, then a sweatshirt or heavy wool shirt should do a good job of keeping you warm indoors. I sometimes throw a large sweater over all of that, or a warm bathrobe.

Cotton or silk long johns under jeans make a good difference too.

Be sure your feet are warmly covered, with warm socks and shoes.

If you go outside, be sure to put a cap on to keep your head covered. If it’s really cold, layering can apply to caps as well.  A band to keep your ears warm combines well with a cap.  A good coat is well worth the expense.

Around Your Home

If you own your home, consider spending $100, $200 or more for a professional home energy audit. You will learn where your home is losing heat, and fixing those places will more than pay for the audit over time.

Put weatherstripping around doors and windows where cold air is coming in.

If you haven’t done the weatherstripping yet and cold air is coming in under a door to the outside, make or buy a cloth “snake” to put down inside the house along the line of the door. Even a large towel rolled up with masking tape around it will do the job.

Make or buy insulating curtains. We have done this in two different homes, using Reflectix, an insulating material.  Here is an article about making insulating curtains called Sailshades.

Take a tip from your cat or dog and sit in the sun, where it comes in a window.

Consider whether trimming a tree branch would bring more sunlight into your home.

Put on your favorite music and dance for a few minutes! I do this quite often and it really warms me up. plus it’s fun.

There are many more ideas, but these should go a long way toward keeping you warmer!


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