Would you like to be living a life with more balance and equilibrium?

We and many others are finding that as we live simply, we feel better personally. The organizing principles of  simplicity and sustainability help us to make good choices for ourselves and for the larger world. There are so many approaches that people have come up with… things like voluntary simplicity and minimalism.

I hope that this site will help you to “live simply that others may simply live.”

What’s Going On Now

My husband Kelly and I moved in July 2015 from Crestone, Colorado, where the elevation was 8,000 feet, the community was wonderful, and the climate was mighty cold and windy, often with snow that lingered. We now live in Silver City, NM, at 6,000 feet so it’s warmer but not extremely hot in the summers. The change is partly because we take our gardening seriously–always have–and are busy transforming our quarter-acre lot into what should eventually be a fruit and vegetable haven. There will be lots of gardening articles ahead, lots of how-to information. Being able to feed yourself, even if just in part,  is a really useful skill in these times, and it doesn’t come all that quickly. We’ve been gardening off and on for over 40 years and we continue to learn a lot.

We are also enjoying living in a relatively larger community, compared to the population in Crestone of about a thousand. Meeting people, walking to the food coop and downtown area, taking our dogs out into the countryside for walks… we are liking it here.