Would you like to be living a life with more balance and equilibrium?

We and many others are finding that as we live simply, we feel better personally. The organizing principles of  simplicity and sustainability help us to make good choices for ourselves and for the larger world. There are so many approaches that people have come up with… things like voluntary simplicity and minimalism.

I hope that this site will help you to “live simply that others may simply live.”

What’s Going On Now

My husband Kelly and I (and our dogs) are in New Mexico for about half a year, mostly at New Mexico State Parks, in an old motorhome Kelly fixed up. We’ve full-timed in the past, but this is our longest period of RV living since then. We’re loving being surrounded by so much natural beauty. The miles per gallon that our old rig gets is not high, but we travel slowly, typically under 100 miles on our relatively rare travel days. We use way less water and propane than we would at home, too–a little-known benefit of being in a motorhome. See the RV Living section of this website for all my blog posts about the trip, enhanced by photos mostly taken by Kelly.