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Simple living, green living… would you like to do more? Want to live more ecologically, more in harmony with nature?

There are so many things that you can do to change your lifestyle, a little bit… or a lot…

Anything you do helps us all. As modern physics shows us, we are all far more deeply interconnected than we have realized.

You may be — as I have been — overwhelmed or angry or not sure what matters the most. The purpose of this site is to help you choose what you can do to live more simply, what actions of yours can have the greatest beneficial effect on the planet.

It isn’t always what you think it will be. There are a lot of stereotypes and misconceptions out there. For example, recycling trash is certainly worthwhile but it is not going to save the planet. On the other hand, I think the world needs much more reasonable dialogue about how many children to have, if any.

The simple living movement has been around for decades, also often known as voluntary simplicity. The green component has always been there, but now many people who might not be drawn to simple living itself do care about green living.

Simple living, green living… not identical, but mostly overlapping. I write about both.


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