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I put this on Facebook yesterday and I want to comment a bit on it.

This website has its personal moments (like the love letter I wrote my husband one day), but I’m sure a lot of people who come here just get the information they are looking for and go on. At least, that’s what I try to do with many of my blog posts. How to do this or that, which product is best, etc.

Writing now, early in 2017, I have considered my work, as I reported yesterday:

A dear friend of mine who I don’t see very often phoned me today. She had noticed that I was being rather quiet politically on Facebook, and she wanted to touch base with me. After being reclusive, she has recently become much more of an activist for our Mother Earth.

I said that I haven’t felt to go in that direction. I told her that there have been two strands to my thinking and my work lately. One is to deepen my inner life. I’m listening to Gregorian chants as I write this… I’m working on a website that I have barely begun, colorfulprayer.com, about coloring books, prayer journals, and prayer itself. As I believe that God (or fill in your favorite term here) loves all of us, I try to mirror that love as best I can. My Episcopal church is quite egalitarian, and I cherish everyone there. I was just voted onto the church vestry for a three-year term.

The other direction is that my belief in the need for preparedness has increased. There is no telling what the next few years will bring, and I would wish that everyone had some water, food, cash, and other basics on hand. Do you? Please do stock up on at least a few things. I’m certainly not wearing camo and carrying a weapon. I’m looking to how all of us can help each other going forward. So far, for me, that means a minimal attention on politics. If my inner guidance changes, my actions will too.

One of my Facebook friends nailed it when he replied to my post that I spend my days taking steps towards what I think needs to be done… or I might say taking steps toward doing things where I feel I can contribute the most. I am glad of some of the things other people do that I am not drawn to do myself.

Another friend emphasized that the outer reflects the inner. This is how I came to realize that it was time to move ahead on the prayer website I mentioned above.

In the course of doing the making the header for colorfulprayer.com, I went to Pixabay.com, my main source for free imagery that can be used for commercial activites like websites or books without your having to attribute the image. This is really helpful because it’s not always easy to put a link like that someplace on your site or project.

A Shoutout for Pixabay

There is so much there! And then you can play with it. For example, for the header I combined a rainbow, a colored pencils image, and a colored notebooks image, all done by different people:

I want to give a word of appreciation to one of the artists at Pixabay, John Hain, and that link goes to some of the hundreds of images he has done. The one up at the top of this page, Love, is his, and here are a few more. They make me feel good and isn’t that important in this complex world of ours?

May love, gratitude, and caring ever increase!



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