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Four Ways to Go Greener and Save — 2 Comments

  1. Breena, just the other day I read that the amount of mercury in fluorescent bulbs is minimal, and I’ve been trying to remember where I saw it. Have added this to my list of things to research and do a longer blog post on. LEDs are a good idea.

    Readers, I went to Breena’s blog and it’s quite interesting, about the many benefits of vinegar. Take a look by clicking on her name!

  2. Hey Zana,

    Great points.

    I have changed my opinion on [1] though.

    I found out that the mercury in the fluorescent bulbs is causing environmental concerns. In fact if a bulb breaks in your home, some people advise evacuation – though that may be hysteria.

    Some info is at under “Environmental issues”.

    So I am skipping the compact fluorescents and using incandescents while gradually migrating to LEDs instead. Haven’t researched to see what issues they have yet… who knows, next thing we’ll hear is that they cause electromagnetic pollution. :(

    When it’s not one thing it’s another.