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Making Sprouts, An Illustrated Guide — 11 Comments

  1. Thank you. It turns out that I did some checking, and it seems that “phytates” or phytic acid is a factor for some sprouts, especially legumes… and thus it may be a good idea. I continue to blanch them, but not sunflower sprouts, though I have it (the continuation of blanching)under consideration at this point.

  2. Sorry I didn’t reply sooner. I don’t know, and I just haven’t had time to google it. I usually use mungs and lentils in stir-fry dishes, so they get some heat.

  3. Hi. Wonderful article, and very fine pictures. I have been sprouting (mung beans, lentils and chic peas)for a few years, and have been “blanching” them – in hot or boiling water for about 45 seconds, after they’re done and before eating them. I do this because someone at the Co-op said it should be done. Does this need to be done, and am I harming the fragile nutrients which are the “heart” of the sprouts? Thanks much in advance.

  4. Jim, I get seeds from my local health food store mainly, sometimes online. I haven’t actually thought about non-hybrid or not!

  5. I am just beginning the process of sprouting and I was wondering where do you get your beans from? Do non hybrid seeds make a difference? Thanks

  6. Hi Zana
    Thanks for the reply but silly me has just realised the seeds must be covered as I suppose what is being done is simulating planting the seeds in the earth to make them send out roots. Still they used to come out anyway, I’m sure, without covering but it does sound feasible to cover. I mentioned this to my wife so being WOMAN we now have one bottle covered & one uncovered :-)

  7. I’ve done it both ways myself, Brian. This article is a guest post and this is her opinion.

    Glad you are sprouting again!

  8. I wondered why the bottles containing the seeds need to be covered after rinsing, don’t they need light. We made sprouts many years ago and can’t remember covering them. Your article is great and has got us going sprouting again, many thanks.

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