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Do You Drink Enough Water? — 6 Comments

  1. Thanks, everyone. I find it interesting that everyone who has commented so far has happenend to be male. Hmmm… probably not significant as plenty of women drink a lot of water too. I am feeling more energetic lately and it could be the water. Could also be the greater amount of exercise I have been doing! Or both. Joel, I am convinced that we can learn to sense what we need but it can take a while to get there.

  2. When I’m really thirsty I enjoy a good cold glass of water. However, if I feel like I should be drinking more water, but not craving, I find it easier to drink room temperature. Whatever it takes to get my healthy dose of water :-)

  3. Hey Zana.

    I’ve been drinking enough or more than enough water lately and the benefits are great. I already have enough energy but this adds a great feeling to my activities. I look to maintain this habit regardless of changing circumstances or routines. I don’t really drink anything else except fruit juice once in a while.

  4. Thanks, Alex. I’ve noticed that it’s much easier to get all my water drunk as my habits become more establishes, and that is what you have done too.

  5. Jeff, the idea that thirst defines our need for water is certainly the way most people think about it. I will continue my experiment but it seems to me that there are reasons this wouldn;t be true… it is so easy for us to override our body’s signals in many ways!

  6. I also haven’t noticed a difference when I make sure to drink enough water, but I’ve been doing it for years because I know it’s healthy. Water is basically all I drink anymore, unless I go to a restaurant where I love a Coke with my meal. ;)

    What I do is drink about 20oz of water before I leave for work in the morning, then when I get to work I fill up a 34oz bottle that I drink throughout the day and then drink two large cups at home after work.