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How to Repair a Very Old Sewing Machine — 2 Comments

  1. That store had new owners who knew less than the original ones! Nice to hear from Sweden. Yes, I think you will find the pattern knobs. Good thing the machine in in your hands for care!

  2. Congratulations to the working machine! That store appears ignorant for not knowing how to handle the machine. They probably just wanted to sell you some new plastic crap… These old workhorses are really underrated.

    I live in Sweden and I have exactly this machine. I found it recently in the garbage. Today I tried to see if it would work properly so I took it apart. I just first needed to look online to see which screws to remove. Some parts inside were a bit rusty and the mechanics was a bit stubborn, but the engine runs. I think It just needs some lubricating. But then suddenly something inside it started to burn! But it was just the engine capacitor which is cheap and easy to replace. I think this machine will have a promising future! I don’t have the “pattern knobs” though, but I think I can find them quite easily.