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Fixing a Leaky RV Roof on an Old Rig — 4 Comments

  1. All the things you mention, Shane, were attached from the outside. The purpose of the bar was to help hold the flashing flat against against the roof. Asked my husband so I’d be sure to get this right!

  2. Thanks, that prepares me a bit for dealing with some very punky plywood under that vinyl wallpaper. Curious about the aluminum bar – how was that attached? Was it placed underneath/inside, and screwed from above? And just to be clear, both Bondo and the aluminum flashing were on the exterior, yes?

  3. Verna, I usually delete comments like yours that are leading to a person’s own posts on the subject, but I can see from clicking on your link that you do care about this topic. I have no idea about the products you promote, but I did like the point you made in one of your posts: “Don’t wait till the eleventh hour.” Very good advice!