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Gardening in Smart Pots: Sturdy, Easy to Use, and Cheap — 9 Comments

  1. We have our large smart pots sitting on a layer of gravel. We didn’t have problems with roots going out to the side. If there are some below the really one huge bag, we don’t know because we haven’t moved it. But when we cleaned up the greenhouse last fall, none of the other bags had roots to speak of!

  2. What do you have on the ground under your smart pots in the very first picture? I am trying to figure out what to put under my pots to keep roots from growing into the ground. We have a thick layer of rocks but I thing the roots will still grow out the bottom and through the rocks and into the ground and I’d like to keep that from happening. Appreciate your reply and any ideas will be Appreciated.

  3. Well, the really huge ones we got, like the 45 gallon one with the fig tree, wouldn’t want to move. But some of the smaller ones I can do by myself.

  4. I’ve never used any fabric pot but I love the idea. I imagine it might also make it easier to move plants around. Some of my larger plants are in some pretty heavy pots.

  5. I love container gardening! And anything that will make it easier, especially considering that my kids are helping sounds good to me. I have never heard of Smart Pots before, but I am going to show this post to my husband, and see if he is as excited as I am right now. Thanks for sharing! Blessings!