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How to Pollinate Plants in a Greenhouse — 4 Comments

  1. They might be but I have done pollinating without them, thereby getting around the question!

  2. Wondering if these sprays to help pollinate are chemicals…
    I am totally organic.

  3. I wasn’t thinking much about bee die-off in doing this post since my main gardening emphasis right now is in our greenhouse, but your point is well taken, Kathryn. And these methods are quite simple!

  4. My husband and I watch a documentary on television last week about the bee die-off and it showed people hand-pollinating some trees. My French is not very good, so I am not sure what kind of trees they were. They produced a fruit that looked like white cherries. Not sure what that might have been. Anyway, it made me realize that pollination is something we all need to add to our skill sets; because, if things keep going as they are, we may need it.