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What About Getting a Shingles Vaccine Shot? — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Rebecca — Sorry to hear you are going through this and thank you so much for writing at this much length as it will help quite a few other people over time as they come to this article!

  2. Hi Rosana, I am currently having a bout of shingles, my first and hopefully my last. I did have chicken pox as a child. I had not heard of the vaccine, and didn’t know what I had right away. I saw my acupuncturist, and she said it was just as well that I did not have the vaccine, as the Chinese herbs I am taking, Red Peony is specifically for herpes zoster, would have been less effective. I do not have a mild case, nor is it the worst, and I am mostly healed after 3 weeks. The virus stores in the spine, and usually breaks out on one side of the body. Mine started on my left breast and wrapped around to the spine after about a week. My heart and lung meridians were mostly affected. It can originate from any spinal location. It also incubates for a week, before you see symptoms.
    Here is what helped me: Aztec Clay, a bentonite clay, soothed, dried and covered the blisters. A lotion called Polar Lotion has menthol in it and was soothing around the pox, but not on them. The capsicum formulas would work.
    The nerve pain comes from stagnation of the blood, so anything to move the blood in the affected area helps. The pain is worse at night, for me, because of the stagnation. Hot showers help. Pain meds made me nauseous, so I take a headache pill at night, and give the area lots of loving attention when it demands it.
    Itching can be an issue for some. The clay helped a lot with that, and I have not experienced much itching, other than like how a scab itches when it is healing.
    It is a virus that runs its course, but stress can bring it on and can cause its return, so stay cool!
    I prayed a lot, and had some interesting Spiritual insights. I felt like I was healing a thousand broken hearts.
    This experience has given me intimate compassion for anyone suffering from intense pain and heartbreak.