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Sumner Lake, Our Favorite New Mexico State Park — 4 Comments

  1. We own the ranch just below the dam at Sumner Lake. At one time it was called Alamogordo Lake because, in addition to the Pecos River, Alamogordo Creek is a tributary.. Yes it is a tranquil place, when the wind isn’t blowing and the lake is full. The winter snows were kind to New Mexico this past season and there is plenty of water for all. We don’t know of any camp sites inside the park that are free but the fees are extremely reasonable. If you can afford the gas to get there you can probably afford the Park fees. The town of Fort Sumner is about 16 miles distant and Santa Rosa is about thirty five miles to the north. We hope everyone that comes to the lake enjoys it as much as we do

  2. Ginny, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are free camping sites but I don’t know the area that well. If googling doesn’t help you find one, you might try calling the chamber of commerce or tourist info place of a nearby town. Have fun!

  3. I have been to your page before and I love it. I found the pic of your RV on a google search of Sumner Lake in New Mexico. Was just wondering if there are places there where you can camp but don’t have to pay.