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Five Down-and-Dirty Details of RV Living — 6 Comments

  1. Do non-traditional places really exist? You bet! And going for walks with the dog or dogs makes the close spaces less of a challenge/

  2. We plan on retiring and getting a 5th wheel and traveling (12-15 yr goal). We want to head to the non traditional places during off seasons. Do they really exist? We will have at least one dog, a Boxer with us and I can imagine living in close spaces with hubby will be a challenge.

  3. Thanks! I never know how far my reach will extend when I write… I trust it will be worthwhile, and comments like yours fuel my blogging. BUT I’ve got to get a novel finished too!

  4. The wind is way less today, but it will be back big time in the spring and before that too! We do have our ways of being apart even in the same space, like wearing headphones while listening to music or watching videos.

  5. Wonderful post on reality. I will be travelling alone with 2 little dogs. I do see how being so close to another person, no matter how much you love and care for them would get to be to much togetherness. The days of wind and gloom should pass soon and you will be able to get outside and enjoy life even more.

  6. Its good to live in a reality based world. Very good post. So was the last one you did about meeting people at the parks.